Autonomous Vehicle Causes an Accident In AZ
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For technology to advance, there must be testing. A lot of testing. It’s not just the type of thing that.... read more

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If you live in the U.S., then you have to deal with the dreaded Daylight Savings Time. Whether Daylight Savings.... read more

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What To Do After a Car Accident (Arizona) ​The immediate aftermath of any accident can be scary. Most people, at.... read more

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​The single most common question I get from clients and potential clients is “what is my case worth”? After all,.... read more

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I have been practicing personal injury law ever since I graduated from law school. After graduating from law school I.... read more

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When most people think of injuries caused by animals they think of dog-bites.  In the world of personal injury law,.... read more

Thu October 04   |   Truck Accidents,
Arizona roadways are becoming more congested increasing your risk of being involved in a serious car accident. Distracted drivers, especially those using hand-held cell phone devices, have contributed to the increased risk. read more

Thu October 04   |   Auto and Motorcycle Accidents,
Many lawyers stress the importance of hiring a tough and experienced attorney to defend you and fight for your rights.... read more

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    I wasn't expecting much, so I was blown away...
    After being jerked around by Geico I finally decided to call a personal injury attorney near me. I wasn't expecting much, so I was blown away with the way I was treated from the being with this lawyer. I think my car accident settlement was fair, I didn't get rich off it but my attorney made it easy for me all along the way.
    Amelia Galway | GILBERT, AZ
    I almost made a big mistake by hiring that lawyer that is all over TV...
    I almost made a big mistake by hiring that lawyer that is all over TV and the radio. I had been in a car accident and severely injured. After being represented for about 6 months and never hearing from my attorney or anyone at the law firm I decided to ask my family who I should talk to. Chris really helped me out so I decided to fire that cheezy lawyer that's on tv and get a real one. I am so glad I did. After a year and nine months, I got a great settlement. Thank you, Chris.
    Thomas Nagao | MESA, AZ
    Not only did he help me recover from my injuries he helped me get an AWESOME SETTLEMENT.
    I was in a car accident and didn't really want to hire an attorney. My previous experience with lawyers was not the best, and I just figured they were all the same. After getting pushed around by the other driver's insurance company I finally realized that I had better go see if I could find a good car accident attorney in Mesa (where I live). I was referred to Hogle Injury Law and I spoke with Chris. He was totally different than I had previously experienced in the past with personal injury attorneys. Chris helped me find doctors and physical therapy close to my house. Not only did he help me recover from my injuries he helped me get an AWESOME SETTLEMENT. I am so happy I used this car accident attorney. They really took care of me.
    Sally Sageran | MESA, AZ
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