Don’t Wreck Your Auto Accident Case: Part 4 – Hire A Lawyer
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Suppose you are playing basketball with your friends and you come down awkwardly after going up to block your friend’s shot and you break your ankle.  Most people realize immediately they will need medical attention.  When seeking medical attention for the broken ankle, are you going to visit a brain surgeon?  Of course not.  Most likely you are going to find someone who deals with and specializes in treating ankle injuries such as a trauma physician or an orthopedic physician.  I know this seems like common sense, but believe it or not many accident victims make the huge mistake of hiring non-accident injury lawyers to represent them.

There is of course another option in my example above; you could try to treat the broken ankle on your own.  That too would be a big mistake.  Most people are not trained to properly treat broken bones.  If you try to treat your broken ankle on your own, it may never heal correctly.  You may end up with a more long term or permanent problem.  For most people, trying to care for and heal a broken bone without professional medical help is not an option… to many things could go wrong.  Likewise, trying to handle an accident case without a dui lawyer in Mesa Arizona may be fatal to the success of your case.

Why is hiring the wrong kind of lawyer or not hiring a lawyer at all a big mistake?  Remember, you only have one bite at the apple in your accident case.  That is to say, you get one chance at recovering money.  Once your case is settled your case is over and you don’t get another chance to recover more.  That is why it is critical you hire an attorney, one who is experienced in accident cases, to represent you.


In addition, when you suffer injuries in an accident, in most cases you will be forced to deal with an insurance company.  This can be an intimidating and rather scary task.  Despite what they say, insurance companies are not on your side.  They are armed to the teeth with adjusters and attorneys who are well trained and know the legal system very well.  They know how to fight your injury case and how to diminish or even bar your case completely.  For this reason, you cannot risk hiring the wrong kind of lawyer or trying to handle the case yourself.

This may not seem like that big of a deal at first glance, but not hiring experienced legal counsel soon after your accident can be a gigantic mistake.  Accident cases are very much about documenting the incident and your injuries, something I have discussed before.  This is really just another way to say that you need to collect evidence to support your case.  Remember you are responsible to prove that someone else’s negligence caused the accident you were involved in, that you were injured and that you sustained damages.

If you choose to represent yourself or if you wait for several months or weeks (or even in some cases days) to hire an experienced lawyer, you run the risk of losing some of this valuable evidence that could make or break your case.  Evidence, such as vehicles, could be destroyed or witnesses could disappear and be difficult to locate again.  Allowing valuable evidence to potentially be lost because you did not hire an attorney is a huge mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars (or more) in your case.


  1. The best thing you can do is to hire an experienced accident lawyer who knows how to document your case.  An experienced injury attorney will know how to gather and preserve important information and evidence.
  2. Do not represent yourself and don’t seek legal advice from family, friends or co-workers.  As well meaning as they may be, they don’t know the law, how to gather important information or how to deal with insurance companies (unless they are personal injury lawyers themselves).