It Just Takes One Dog Bite to Cause a Serious Injury
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Some believe that there are only two types of people in the world – dog lovers and dog haters. No matter your feelings towards canines, most will not dispute the fact that a dog is still an animal and it’s behavior, no matter how well trained a dog is, should still be considered unpredictable. Let’s face it – a dog bite can happen at anytime.

Many dog activists defend canines by claiming attacks by dogs are rare and generally only happen when a dog is provoked. Whether that is true or not, the fact of the matter is that it takes just one dog bite to cause serious harm, such as physical and emotional scarring.

Most dog bites occur on the face, arms and legs. In many cases, the physical scarring is permanent and can leave a dog bite victim permanently disfigured. Victims may find themselves facing a mountain of medical bills due to costs associated with reconstruction surgery and other treatment. The dog bite can also cause severe nerve damage causing an immense level of pain and future complications.

A dog bite victim might also suffer emotional scarring. Unfortunately, children often suffer the brunt of the emotional damage causing them to be afraid to go outside and play.

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