Personal Injury Law Myths
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Personal Injury Law Myths

Misconception: Personal injury lawsuits are only for people who have been physically hurt

Truth: Personal injury law is much broader and far-reaching, and covers non-physical injuries, such as:

· Libel or slander

· Defective products

· Emotional distress

· False imprisonment

· Nuisance

· Oil or chemical spills

· Professional malpractice (e.g., architects, engineers, accountants)

· Property damage

· Psychological injury

· Trespass

· Vehicle accidents

Misconception: Anyone suffering from an injury is entitled to a financial award

Truth: Before you can be compensated for an injury, your attorney must first prove several points:

· The defendant had an obligation to exercise due care on your behalf.

· The defendant was negligent and did not exercise due care.

· That negligence was responsible for the harm done to you.

Misconception: No insurance company wants a trial and will settle out of court.

Truth: Insurance companies never throw money at anyone and generally try to pay as little as possible. A personal injury attorney can explain just how much compensation a client should receive to cover all expenses.


Misconception: Settling quickly with an insurance company protects me from high medical costs.

Truth: Insurance companies—even your own—are not your ally. They operate in their best interests, not yours. Adjusters usually offer a settlement that gets their insurance company off the hook as quickly and cheaply as possible. With medical costs soaring, it is essential you consider all options to ensure your family is protected.

Misconception: I can wait to see how an injury heals before filing a lawsuit

Truth: The statute of limitations in Arizona is commonly two years. That’s not as long as it may seem. So, it is important that you contact an accident law firm early and begin to gather information as close to the accident or incident as possible.

When an auto accident happens to you, it can be a life-changing event.  It is important to seek the representation of a qualified, competent attorney to protect your rights and help to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.  At Hogle Injury Law, we will do just that!

Source: Carl R. Amala

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