Should You Use The Insurance Company’s Preferred Body Shops?

After you’ve been in an accident and you are going through insurance to get the damage to your car fixed. The insurance adjuster who is working on your accident claim recommends a few body shops and calls them “preferred vendors.” The question we get a lot is “should you use the insurance company’s recommended shops?”

The primary purpose of these body shops is to become a ‘one-stop’ solution to handling a claim. These auto body shop locations typically have a car insurance claims adjuster who works for the car insurance company working full time in that body shop. This means you can stop by, get an estimate, pick up the rental car, and get the car accident repairs done all in one visit. It also means that the insurance adjuster can monitor the speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness of the body shop.

If you work with an automotive shop that isn’t one of the insurance company’s recommended shops, there could be delays in the processing of your claim.

So, should you use one of the preferred shops that your car insurance suggests? Yes, unless you have a particular connection with an existing body shop or you’re highly exacting on what is done to your car, the convenience of working with the preferred body shop will provide a satisfactory outcome. Most of these auto body shops will guarantee their work for as long as you own the vehicle.

The key is to listen to what the insurance company is telling you. If you have questions, ask them. If you don’t understand, ask them to repeat themselves or to explain it another way