A Brain Injury Caused by a Phoenix Car Accident Can Be Deadly

When It is More Than a Bump on the Head – Recognizing a Serious Brain Injury

It is sometimes the injuries that don’t surface immediately that can be the most deadly. Many car accident victims might feel completely fine after a collision. They might even walk away from the crash scene, feeling lucky that they have escaped major injury. Since no significant injuries are noted, they make the fatal mistake of forgoing a medical examination.

According to a CNN article, Minor Head Injuries Can Turn Serious, Rapidly, Experts Say, a minor bump to the head could turn into something that is potentially life threatening. Some medical experts refer to this type of head injury as “talk and die syndrome.”

When the brain receives any type of blow, which can occur in a car accident if the head hits the steering wheel, dashboard or other object, it can cause bleeding and swelling. The CNN article states that “blood gets trapped between the skull and the hard layer of skin between the bone and brain, known as the dura mater. As the blood flows from the ruptured artery, the fluid builds and punctures the dura.”

Even skull fractures are not always noticeable, but the repercussions, if not treated promptly, can be fatal. For example, the brain may swell, causing pressure and reduced blood flow. By the time the symptoms surface, it is often too late.

What should you do if you have been in a serious car accident?
It is critical that you seek medical care, even if you feel fine following the crash. The risk of not pursuing medical treatment is far too great.

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