Why is it taking so long for the insurance company to settle my claim?
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A: One of the tactics that is often used by insurance companies is the deliberate delay of payment on a claim.  The insurer knows that the more time that goes by, the better the chances that you would be willing to accept a low settlement offer.

The insurance company is fully aware that you are feeling financial pressure after your car accident. Even if you are only coming out of pocket for your medical co-pays, these expenses can add up quickly. It is even worse if you are kept from working, as you spend your days recovering from your injuries.

Don’t let the insurance company push you into accepting a low settlement offer. If your auto accident occurred in Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale or elsewhere in Maricopa County, we may be able to help. Contact an experienced Mesa accident attorney at our office by calling 480-999-0646 or filling out our online form.