Why It’s Important That you Hire the RIGHT Attorney Right Off the Bat!
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Many lawyers stress the importance of hiring a tough and experienced attorney to defend you and fight for your rights when facing a personal injury case, and it’s easy to understand why. When fighting an insurance company, the opposition can be brutal, and they will do what they can to avoid payment. You should never go into battle without armor or a weapon, and in this case, your attorney is your shield and your sword.

So why is it that so many lawyers beg you to make a wise decision as if your entire livelihood depends on it? On the one hand, attorneys are in business to make money and they make money off of your personal injury case – just like you. But imagine all the cases in Arizona that never go to trial because the plaintiffs are simply too scared to come forward, or think they have no chance of being compensated. Sometimes, personal injury victims need a little encouragement to come forward with a complaint.

There is another reason however, one that is lost on many people who have suffered a personal injury. That reason is – your first chance at recovering your damages will most likely also be your last. Personal injury cases are expensive, and often times your attorney is fronting most, if not all, of the costs associated with fighting for your rights. So your best chance at winning a personal injury claim, and getting the money you are owed, is to do the proper research and strategize well in advance. The lawyers at Hogle Injury Law, have experience as an Arizona personal injury attorney can help you win the case thanks to his knowledge of Arizona law, his expert negotiating skills, and his aggressive representation in court. He also spent the first half of his career working for the other side, handling insurance litigation claims.

You absolutely should hire the right attorney the first time, because in all likelihood you will not get a second chance.

When you have been injured by a harmful product, negligent misdiagnosis or medical procedure, car accident or anything else, it can be a life-changing event. It is important to seek the representation of a qualified, competent attorney to protect your rights and help to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. At Hogle Injury Law, we will do just that!

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